Center for Energy Storage Technology

Increasing the speed of innovation in battery development

Engineering Services


Cell & Pack FMEA
CT Scanning & Analysis
Electron Microscopy
EDA Mapping


Passive or Active Balancing

Battery Testing

Design of Experiments
Cell Selection
Design Validation
Commercial Release Validation
SOC & SOH Characterization
Warranty & Durability Analysis

Module Design & Prototyping

Design for Certification and/or MVP
Systems Integration
Low Volume Prototyping
Validation/Durability Testing
Architecture Design (lithium, SuC, Multi-Chem)

Facilities & Equipment

Battery Testing:

  • 120 Cell Testing Channels are all 0-8V, 400A very high accuracy with custom controls. This is unique in the industry (most use 0-4V, 50A and build up)
  • 8 High Voltage Test Channels – Aerovironment ABC-150s and ABC-170s for module and pack testing
  • Wide range of thermal management – thermal chambers, Peltier junctions, digital cooling loops, high temperature water baths

Module Prototyping & Assembly:

  • Suited for modules or cell to packs utilizing wire or heavy ribbon intercell connection
  • Coming November 2021!

Pack Prototyping & Assembly:

  • Suited for rapid hand assembly of packs ranging from 1kWh to 150 kWh
  • Able to handle packs up to 5,000 lbs

Pack Innovation Capabilities

  • Inbound Cell Testing and Sorting
  • Module Joining
  • Potting, Anti-propogation Material Handling
  • EoL Module Testing
  • Module and Pack (material) Handling
  • 3D Case/Tray Printing
  • Cable and Wiring Harness Prototyping
  • BMS
    • Passive and Active Balancing (and related algorithms and controls)
    • Vocational/Supervisory Control
    • Cloud Connectivity, Data Analytics, and Machine Learning
  • CEST Partners

    About Us

    The Center for Energy Storage Technology (CEST) is located on the in Columbus at Ohio State University’s Innovation District. CEST is operated by SZN Power Solutions, which is a tier one engineering firm. CEST serves automotive, grid, marine, and battery OEMs as well as their suppliers